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Yoga practice 4-6-10
I just kicked, in correct form, up into  handstand in the middle of the room for the first time.  I can totally do a bad handstand by kicking up with my legs, but have never kicked up from my core, bringing my hips up first, any where else but at the wall.  I wasn't even working up to a middle of the room handstand, i was sort of playing with it without even knowing it.  But i knew where i was going once i was up in the air and for the first time in a long time i was afraid of going over the top.  Maybe because all of the time i've spent kicking up to a wall I was unsure of the power in my core and also unsure of how to use the power in my core so i ended up going too hard in order to get up and I'm used to going over the top when kicking from my core.  So i got up and i really felt like here i am and my energy is going up.  and then i started to let it go down and i came out of it.  I love to go to class and have been resistant to a personal practice because when i think about it it seems like i just don't do the same level of work when I'm in a room alone.  But after experiencing something like this it almost makes me feel like i want to stay out of class because of the way my attention addiction is triggered when i do something right and am asked to demonstrate.  But where better to work on that than in a yoga class.  And i must admit that i was disappointed and discouraged last night after not making any big break through for a while, thinking that maybe those are very few and far between.  But then i did the work and what do you know?  Right now I'm so happy and reassured that i am pointed in the right direction.


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